Wednesday, March 30, 2011


rode the 5'5'' mini simmons i shaped in some chest high surf today. waves were packing a little punch so it was good fun. first time riding it in non-mush conditions. was suprised that it rode pretty well. definitley stoked on the outcome. proud moment.
red foot.


 bunker spreckels. if you aren't already familiar with the name. google him. highly entertaining sh*t.

photos lifted from the interweb.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

secret stache.

come see some arts. friday april 8th at the world famous reggie's 42nd street tavern. featuring "art'' by german martinez, posterhound family workshop and myself. friends eric p. and sarah p. from posterhound family workshop were kind enough to ask me to join this event. i am very honored/flattered.
flyer by posterhound family workshop.

tame impala.

been really digging tame impala as of late. super super groovy face melting sh*t. very excited to find out that they will be playing at the black cat in dc this coming june. a pilgramage is in order.
love the subdued vocal melody at 3:25.


nice spread in the latest esm.
jon mincher. hawaii.

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picture mash 034.

stand up's would be much cooler if..
collage from picture magazines
"bush sup"

Friday, March 11, 2011

yearwood quad.

double bump canard quad. a design credited to rich pavel of rainbow surfboards. loose, super fast fish. shaped by dave yearwood of yearwood surfboards in wrightsville beach.
got the yearwood august 2009. the week before the hurricane bill swell hit the outer banks. surfed everything from knee high mush to 10 foot. third sandbar faces. ridden to death. super fun all around board that really opened things up for me. was riding longboards almost exclusively for 8 years prior. have been on a rampage. riding all kinds of boards since.
hand foiled fins by john cherry.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

bring beer.

new restless youth movement surf city shop zine "bring beer'' out today. stop by surf city in wb to snag one or check them out on facebook at the link above. tons of cool photos this go round because reading is for the turds.
front cover.
jon m. and nc boys destroy the north shore.

at last.

after about a month of staring at them on our living room floor. fresh. clean. unwaxed. unused. finally got to take the two mini simmons out yesterday. the crappiest. mushiest. high tide. waist high waves were fun as hell. super stoked on these fat little surfboards. super.


Thursday, March 3, 2011


i met sparky in tamarindo. we were staying the same hostel/compound. when we arrived, he had already been there for some time. most definitely hiding from something. divorce. frustration. family and god know what else. he was the angriest person i've ever met. exploding into fits of rage over the most minute of things.and he loved the sauce. it made me nervous.

at the same time he was overly kind, generous and big hearted. he let everyone in the compound use his international cell phone. an expensive luxury no doubt. he would buy and cook dinner for everyone, which i and my friends perceived as a grand gesture because we were trying to make the most of what little money we had. he was happy to have company.

he had two old surfboards. both of which he had owned since the 70's. a longboard and a little single fin. not as easy to ride as contemporary boards. he told us great stories of the monster waves he used to rip back in the day, using near by buildings and trees as size references.

we surfed the north end of the rivermouth one afternoon. really small little lefts. super fun for longboarding. the second he'd catch a wave he'd adorn the most sincere smile you'd ever seen. as if all the problems he so obviously bore were no longer issues. he tip toed all across that fat old relic of his. and made it look easy. he was the image of happy. you could see it in his face and it made me happy to be there.

when we left tamarindo, we exchanged info with sparky. never expecting to hear from him despite our proximity (he was from richmond, we from the outer banks).

several months later i received a phone call at work. someone on the other end butchering my name as i am accustomed to. it was sparky, drunk no doubt, cussing like he'd never been around a child and talking gibberish about coming to hatteras. i made superficial conversation and shrugged it off. worried by the idea of him coming down. and knowing what a liability he was.

i haven't heard from him since. only have heard that he had terminal cancer the whole time we had known him.

i still feel really guilty about blowing him off. i have no proper way to apologize other than to remember him fondly. so i choose to think of him surfing because that is so obviously where he wanted to be. cheers to you sparky. im glad to have made your aqquantance.

matt and sparky jamming.
sparky feeding the people.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011