Thursday, August 30, 2012

thunderlip and asg. 8.24.12. brooklyn arts ilm.

more shows and more shows. everybody has been playing a lot recently. weekends have been rocking. last weekend thunderlip, asg and a handful of other local bands played the brooklyn arts center. another shining example of the multitude of talent this small town has to offer. the show was well attended. drinks cheap. tunes loud and the venue is cool as hell. big old church with vaulted ceilings and stain glass windows. good times.
 timmy kruger.


this weekend.

be sure to come out for reggies fest this weekend. all of wilmington's finest, grimiest bearded longhairs will be there to rock your tits off.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

christenson boneville.

9'6'' chris christenson bonneville. 
probably one of the best turning longboards i've ever ridden. pulled in nose, wide point back of center and lots of kick in the tail. i slapped a greenough 4a fin in there and love it. this board comes around quick as spit with almost no effort. it has a really shallow concave that runs almost to the center of the board. it noserides well in the steeper sections of the wave, not so well in fatter surf. also has some concave on the deck in the tail and a nice wedge stringer that narrows towards the tail. not sure if or how these elements contribute to the performance of this board.
mike was kind enough to give this to me on a demo from surf city. i had the pleasure of riding this beast for about a month before selling it to smith. during which time it became favorite board. fun in good surf, fun and shitty surf. a good all around board. deemed my bing a one trick pony. i was sad to hand it off. if you're looking for a new longboard in the wilmington area, head down to surf city surf shop and pick one of these  suckers up.

deck concave and high density foam tail block.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

gwar.b.que. 8.18.12. rva.

headed up to richmond, va last weekend to check out the gwar.b.que festival. some of my buds were playing in the show and the festival took place at a water park. sounded like good fun. was good fun. good music. good barbecue. and a lot of weird ass mother f*ckers. a spectacle.
 gwar. (this little girl couldn't have been more that 10, covered in fake blood and loving it. good luck to her future.)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

thunderlip. 8.3.12. reggies. ilm.

for such a small town. wilmington is filled with talent. tons of good, local, national and international touring acts are lucky enough to call this little alcoholics haven home. among these is my personal favorite, thunderlip, who have been playing on again off again for several years now. last friday they were on again. as usual, a ton of fun. love these dudes. love this town.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

chocolate fish tantra.

5'10" chocolate fish 'tantra' by eric christenson. short fat simmons shape. a little more modern rails. light glass. and rad quad set up.
brief romance with this guy. scooped it up at icons of surf for my stay in california. sold it before i left. surf was small so the board was perfect. lighter and narrower than i am accustomed to on this shape. at first i felt like i had to work for it a little to much but once i got the hang of it i loved the liveliness and responsiveness of the lighter thinner, smaller board. tons of fun.

cool quads.

Monday, August 6, 2012

california 2012. part two. surfing heritage museum.

while in san clemente i headed up on the hill to check out the surfing heritage museum. i arrived to find the door open and the lights off. i was worried they were closed, but even better, i was the only visitor. museum of surfing history all to myself. 
hawaiian boards from early 1900's.
 nazi surfboard? no.
a symbol with good connotations before its bad associations. 

simmons. 2 on right.

 2nd from right: early carl eckstrom assymetrical.
boards for chargers. dead center: butch van artsdale model. black board to the left of that: herbie fletcher gun. black and white board on far right: greg long's eddie aikau winnging christenson.
i was fortunate to come just as they were wrapping up the innovations of hobie exhibit. would have been bummed to miss it. right to left: innovation and evolution of hobie.
innovations of hobie. items ranged from polarized sunglasses to skateboards to catamarans, to kayaks, to removable fin systems to remote control airplanes and beyond. the man dabbled.
hobie tandem boards.
whats left of the first board hobie ever shaped.

Friday, August 3, 2012

entertainment tonight.

these talented, handsome young men will be playing a free show tonight at the world famous reggies 42nd street tavern. bring a fist full of dollars and your party pants.

california 2012

once again work beckoned me to southern california. like last year i decided to stay and do a bit of vacationing after fulfilling my obligations with work. with minimal planning, this years trip turned out to be a blast. had awesome accomodations in san clemente with the most hospitable family. surfed trestles every morning and cardiff one afternoon. drooled over beautiful boutique surfboards at the icons of surf and hobie shops. and ate delicious food and drank makers mark every day. suffice it to say i feel vacationed. already looking forward to next year.
 icons of surf.

Thursday, August 2, 2012