Friday, March 16, 2012

changing of the seasons.

global warming has been great to us this year. it was one of the mildest winters i can remember to date. water temps stayed in the 50's air temps flirted with the 70's and spring has come a few weeks early. as excited as i have been to slowly shed my wetsuit, wear short pants, roam barefoot and feel sunburn, the arrival of summer is bittersweet. as the people have begun to trickle in with the warm weather, i've become very aware of how much i am going to miss the freedom of  winter time isolation.  i've enjoyed having the island to myself and a small group of friends, rednecks, drunks, and the occasional crackhead who's company i've come to enjoy in the confines of a barstool, pool table, fire pit, surf session or bike ride. i have a better understanding and appreciation of where i live and the people i live with and i am much happier to live here.

hello to swim trunks, flip flops, the carnival, britts donuts, commerce, spartanburg yatch club sundays, lite beer, white wine and chili dogs on the beach. i am excited to see you again. and goodbye north end dirt lot sessions, peaceful evenings in fat pelican, and room to roam. i will see you next year.

good times at the carnival.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

rock and roll and art. 3.10.12.

thanks again to everybody who made it out to reggie's 42nd street last saturday for the rock and roll/show. i think it is fair to say a good time was had by all. hats off to virgin lung and white tiger and the bed of roses. this was my first time seeing virgin lung and from what i understand their second show. it will not be my last. excited to hear some young new talent in town. was super stoked to hear some of the new tunes white tiger has been working on. sounded good as hell. the art was good as hell. hats off to jeremy, emily, molly, sarah and zach. its an honor to hang my stuff on the wall next to you guys.
rock and roll. virgin lung.
art. sandwich jones.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

#three. mini simmons.

6'2'' mini simmons. shaped summer 2011 in the seagate shed. wilmington, nc. glassed by greg eavey.
same bottom contours as #two. slight belly in nose. flat middle section. slight concave in the tail. super pinched rails, upturned in nose to 60/40 throughout the rest of the board. slight s in deck. glass on true ames hobie twin keel fins.
the initial idea for this board and the final product are two very different boards. it started as a 6'6'' simmons, i wanted a super groveler for small summer days when i didnt want to drag around my longboard. put way to much nose rocker in it. chopped four inches off the nose to correct the problem and the board became a 6'2''.  somewhere during the process, decided to blade the rails out really fine. this looks cool but has made the board a little more difficult to ride. board went from big fat 6'6'' to thin 6'2''.
first few sessions on the board left me unsatisfied. rode it in some thigh high slop and it did not perform. thin rails dug too easy. yesterday we had some steep little waist to stomach high waves. board rode way better. it drove great off the rail and flew through sections. its a lot of board but i didn't feel that way. like it was stuck to my feet and i could throw it around. it was fun. different and will take some adjusting to get used to but fun.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

rock and roll art show.

be sure to come out to reggies fine house of spirits saturday march 10th for some art and rock and roll. art by jeremy millard, emily jones, posterhound family workshop and myself. tunes provided by white tiger and the bed of roses and virgin lung. sure to be a good time.