Friday, June 29, 2012

ty segall and white fence. kings barcade. part duex.

was thumbing through some ty segall clips on youtube this morning when i came across this vid of kings show i was lucky enough to attend at kings barcade last month. we are all still amping on this show. such a good time was had, as is evidenced by the movie. my friends and i can be seen having fun. lots of fun. dancing about and surfing all over folks. the youth, they grow restless. thank you ty and white fence for sharing your tunes with nc that night.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

christenson christmas.

like a christenson christmas. there are a 100 reasons why surf city surf shop is one the raddest shops on the east coast. yesterday barden made it a 102. two rad ass demo boards. look for them in the water. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

bing levitator.

9'8'' bing levitator. 
this board noserides stupid easy. super wide. super flat. parallel. finely foiled. some of the design elements are beyond my comprehension. where as most nose riders have tons of concave in the nose to creat lift, this has almost none. how that works, i still don't entirely understand but ive never ridden a board that is this stable on the nose, even in sections you wouldn't normally stay up there. it also features a step deck which serves three functions 1) reducing swing weight for easier turning(turning is not this boards strong point) 2) nose flexes when nose riding to flatten out the rocker for speed 3) more maneuverability while on the nose.
i wanted a hoss of a longboard. i was thinking something closer to the 10' range. i was convinced otherwise after riding one of these. some of the boys were kind enough to let me ride their levitator of the same dimensions. after two or three waves i was sold. right up to the nose, no problems and barreling through sections in which most boards would not sustain lift. i ordered a custom to the exact dimensions of drake's board within the week. ive been super stoked on the board since. cure for the summertime blues.
glassed in nuuhiwa style fin.