Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 year end review.

2011 has been a fruitful year in the realms of experience.  i have shaped two surfboards. one for myself. one for vern. both of which have brought about great joy and respect for those who are so accomplished in that field. we were able to traverse our great nation for a week of fun and sun in southern CA. during which there was no surf but i was able to drool over a plethora gorgeous surfboards and meet surf icon, terry martin. we revisited costa rica. spent time surfing. lazing and soaking up the costa rican rainy season torrential downpour. got to shake fists to excellent tunes from white tiger and the bed of roses, thunderlip, obits, smith westerns, mountian thrower, tandoori knights and the lemonhead. countless nights spent shaking it to the endless hits of dj ghosttracks in the beloved reggies 42nd street tavern with all my best friends. moved back in time 20 years to the town carolina beach. where there is a carnival everynight, method of payment is cash only,  hot dogs, hamburgers and classic rock cover bands are plentiful, teeth, crowds and yuppies are scarce.

as the first full year of the sandwich jones draws to a close, i can't help but to be happy/thankful/nostalgic etc etc. it's been a great year. i owe that in large part to all the wonderful people i am lucky enough to call friends and family. thank you to all the people who have shared waves, a&g chili dogs, late night dance parties at reggies 42nd street, cold beers, bitching tunes, good laughs. and too many good times to list. 

 got life.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011