Monday, May 30, 2011

memoriable day.

bittersweet end to a super sweet weekend. spent all day sunday and most of this morn on the beach and in the water with good friends. good surf for it not being good surf. good fun if nothing else. sunburnt. tired. relaxed. and slightly injured.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


been chatting a bit with allen over at seagate about working on another board. i shaped my second board last december. it was a christmas gift for vern. (admittedly one of those gifts you give to someone knowing that you will benefit from it too. like giving your girlfriend an xbox). allen was kind enough to guide me though the process, giving me helpful pointers without telling me what to do (a sign of a good teacher). i was stoked on the process and the outcome. the more i look at that board, the more flaws i notice. most of them seem to be aesthetic because i love the way it rides. but they are flaws nonetheless. i love that board. but i am definitely looking forward to making a newer, hopefully better, one.
 seagate shed. dec 2010.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

tame binge.

been on a bit of a  tame impala binge again. so good to my ear holes.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sunday, May 15, 2011

g&s log.

9'2'' gordon and smith. shaped by tim bessell. good all around longboard. a little bit of rocker in the nose and tail. super fun and loose with a cutaway fin. it is the second surfboard i bought. snabbed it for something stupid cheap like 600 bucks 12 years ago. back before clark foam went out and the price of longboards sky rocketed to a grand. hands down one of the best purchases ive ever made.
this board arrived at the cavalier surf shop with a shipment of a few other gordon and smiths. after staring at it hanging from the ceiling for a few months i pulled the trigger. heavily influenced by brian schwartz, an employee of the cavalier in the mid to late 90's, whom i looked up to as a grom. he had a beautiful g&s so i felt the need to follow suit. one of my most memorable surf sessions was with him at small street in nags head on those two boards. waist high rights peeling perfectly all the way into shore. we surfed for several hours with nobody else out and came in to grub on some little momma burgers at the old dairy mart.

it would be safe to say that at least 70% of my surf experience has taken place on this board. for a long stretch this was the only board i owned. surfed it all over the nc coast and it survived a trip to costa rica in 2009. she is battered and bruised but i love her all the same.