Tuesday, November 27, 2012

love language/gross ghosts. 11.17.12. soapbox. ilm.

met up with friends friday before last to celebrate the birth, life and times of the beautiful dj ghosttracks. ate some good food and headed over to soapbox to catch the love language, gross ghost and toddlers show.it has been a pleasure to see these bands grow over the years. im always happy to see them come back to town. this visit was no exception. it has also been a pleasure to watch ghosttracks grow, literally and figuratively. happy birthday old man, im glad you were born.
 gross ghost.

the love language.
ghosttracks love.

side note: ive been trying to post these pics for like a week and blogger keeps telling me i have to upgrade my storage space at a monthly fee. then today, for no reason, it finally let me load them. does anybody know what that is about? is there a limit to how much you can post for free? if anybody knows anything about please fill me in via comment. thanks.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012